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From your Good Officers...


Dear Colleagues,

If you feel a need for pastoral care for yourself or for an immediate family member, you may get in touch with whichever one of the Chaplains listed below that you so choose. This will be confidential, as in pastoral care in congregations. The idea is we ministers and our families sometimes need pastoral care, and we cannot adequately provide it for ourselves or our loved ones! But we may not know to whom to turn. Now you know! 


If a Chaplain becomes aware that a colleague (or their immediate family member) may be in need of pastoral care, perhaps because of a spouse/partner’s, child’s, or parent’s (or the colleague’s) sudden serious illness or accident, or death, that Chaplain will take the initiative to reach out accordingly. They will also inform the other Chaplains they've done so, because we want to avoid calls from multiple Chaplains at what could be a sensitive time. 


As with pastoral care in congregations, a Chaplain’s involvement with an individual or family should not be a repetitive or long-term responsibility. It's not therapy or coaching.  We are defining pastoral care as personal, not professional. Please bring concerns regarding your ministry to a Good Officer, not a Chaplain.


This describes how we envision our CUUMA Chaplaincy at its start. We welcome your suggestions as it unfolds. 

Yours truly,


Diane and Kären

Diane Teichert and Kären Rasmussen,  CUUMA Good Officers, 703-801-8951, 781-676-0097

CUUMA Chaplains 
> Rev. Mark Hoelter
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> Rev. Rebekah Savage
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> Rev. Alexa Fraser
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> Rev. Amy Williams Clark
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