Pay Your Dues!

There are two ways to pay your dues:

1) By check/ mail: Mail check, written to CUUMA with "Dues" in the subject line, to the Treasurer's mailing address listed on the CUUMA Officers page. 

2) Paypal, right now! Log on to, click on Send Money at the top of the page. Enter our business email address, and be sure to enter the amount you are sending for your payment in the box next to the email address!



Dues are paid, in addition to your regular UUMA dues, to our chapter to support our local activities. All chapter members, regardless of attendance at Chapter Meetings, are expected to pay dues. 


Dues are 0.1% of your S&H (so, if I make $60,000/year in my ministry, I pay CUUMA $60). 

Seminarians and retired members pay $25 annually. 

Generous Hearts

Many of us might be able to pay more than our 0.1% share, especially since many are able to use Professional Expenses for this purpose. If you can give more, please do, to support the programs and connection that CUUMA allows, especially to our newer members, retired members, and more isolated members!

What do my dues cover?

- Speaker fees and program costs for external programs (Note: we are focusing on external programming this year!)

- Fruit, bagels and donuts, and subsidy for lunches for Chapter Meetings

- A donation to River Road UU Church for use of their space

- Offset to cost of trainings for CUUMA Exec members & Good Officers

- Support for local UU seminarians

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