To Be Added to Our List for Pulpit Supply:

Contact the Chapter Secretary for questions or update regarding the memorial, wedding and pulpit supply referral lists. Visit the CUUMA Officers page for contact information.

Any minister in good standing, including Candidates, can officiate blessings, memorials, etc. Each state and DC have different rules about officiating legal weddings.  Check the state law before agreeing to officiate! 


If you are looking for a guest preacher to fill your pulpit, or someone to officiate a wedding, memorial, blessing, or other rite of passage, you can contact the CUUMA listserv using the instructions under the tab on this website labeled "Communicating" 

Alternatively, you can email the Chapter Secretary ( for the list (in Word Doc format) of those members interested in officiating weddings and memorials. This list is updated in September of each year, or as changes are forwarded to the secretary.


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